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A business conglomerate with vast global networks and indigenous partners, Mosilo Group provides cutting-edge solutions to vital sectors of the Nigerian economy including Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Renewable Energy, Real Estate and Human Resources. Driven by a culture of leadership, innovation and excellence, we constantly look beyond industry-based challenges and expectations to deliver sustainable solutions that improves quality, safety and productivity.

At Mosilo Group, we believe leadership is not merely about size and profitability, but also about responsibility. The challenges of our environment, host communities, our employees and everyone who we share a common nexus with, entirely supersedes our desire for profitability.

Our vision is to become a global player in the markets we serve with reputation for excellent service delivery. Our mission is to

  • Deliver exceptional customer satisfaction.
  • Provide the best quality and value to our clients by constantly innovating and optimizing our efficient processes, driven by technology and people.
  • To foster sustainable relationships with our business partners in sustainable and contributing positively towards the development of our local communities.

Innovation – Innovation is our life-blood. We are open to ideas that challenge the conventional systems and drive innovation.

Excellence – We constantly strive to redefine the standard of excellence in everything we do. For us, It’s delivering the best or nothing.

Collaboration – We work collaboratively with employees, partners, suppliers and clients to solve problems and achieve targets.

Responsibility – We are responsible for the Safety and Productivity of our employees; Sustainability of the environment; and Development of our host communities.

Effective QHSE management systems are the cornerstone of our operations. Our priorities are to continuously operate at the highest levels of health and safety, while at the same time, ensuring that we protect the Environment and exceed customer expectations. At Mosilo Group, we are committed to

  • Delivering the best quality in products, services and customer experience.
  • Preventing injury and ill health by minimizing the risk to health, safety and security of all personnel associated with our operations.
  • Mitigating pollution from our actions on the environment and the local community.

We comply with all relevant legislation and other requirements to which we subscribe and strive to continually improve in everything we do. Measurable objectives and targets, consistent with our QHSE statement, has been established and progress towards their achievement are regularly monitored.

Corporate Social Responsibility is at the core of our operations. We invest vast resources in protecting the environment; developing our host communities and empowering our employees and everyone who we share a common nexus with us. Mosilo Group has partnered with Nigerian Young Professionals Forum (NYPF) to deploy social programmes to Nigerians. Through our partnership with NYPF, Mosilo Group has

  • Trained over 25,000 Nigerian youths in skill and professional development at various levels.
  • Reached over 47 thousand rural primary school children across though the Education Intervention Scheme (EIS).
  • Given enterprise startup and expansion grants to many young Nigerians through the Young Entrepreneurship & Student Grant Scheme (YESGrant)

In recent times, Mosilo Group is at the front burner in partnership with NYPF for Skills and Entrepreneurship Development Programme which targets victims of human trafficking, modern day slavery and illegal immigrants.

Mosilo Group draws on vast business networks and partnerships around the globe to execute projects with symbiotic value. Mosilo partners are naturally world players in their fields and always willing to bequeath their experiences to Mosilo, they learn from us about our local market and implement their learning’s in new or similar markets they operate. Our partners add value to our work and together we deliver premium value and service.

Mosilo Group creates a high-impact, supportive career opportunities where immensely talented people are encouraged to be brilliant at what they do. Whether you’re an experienced professional or just a graduate, we’ll be glad to have you work with us.

A very important aspect of our career opportunities at Mosilo Group is Internships. We provide people the opportunity to acquire substantial initial work experience in one of our areas of expertise: Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Real Estate, Renewable Energy & Human Resources Development. Our internships are open to students in universities as well as graduates from diverse backgrounds. We are looking for young, dynamic, enthusiastic and ambitious talent, capable of fully committing to projects.

Should you be interested in working at Mosilo Group, pls send your CV to and we’ll get back to you whenever there’s an opening.