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Whether it is a four hundred-worker project for four years or a four-hour assignment just for one day, no one does temporary/permanent manpower and staffing better than Mosilo Group. Our local and international network of partners enables us to mobilize large numbers of trained personnel to meet our client’s needs. We source, screen, test and train any professional, technical and administrative workforce based on global standards. We have delivered workforce solutions to top industry players like Chevron, Shell Nigeria, Total, Exxon Mobil, NNPC, Seplat, Dangote, Agip and many others. Our focus areas include, but to limited to:

Mosilo Group has a team of very experienced specialists in CNC Machining, Steel Fabrication, Coded Welding and Pipework Fabrication Services. We lay out, fit, and fabricate metal components to assemble structural forms such as machinery frames, tanks, pressure vessels, furnace shells, buildings and pipe, using knowledge of welding techniques, metallurgy, and engineering. Our welding and fabrication specialists are able to:

  • Operate and maintain various power tools and machines associated with welding and fabrication.
  • Install, modify, and make repairs to pipes, boilers, towers, exchangers, furnaces, and drums.
  • Set up equipment and weld either pipe, plate, or structural steel using arc, gas-shielded arc, or gas welding equipment.
  • Read blueprints, design sketch, dimension projects and piping fabrications.
  • Assist supervisor as required in ordering materials, supplies and equipment to maintain inventory.
  • Inspect work for completion and quality requirements.
  • Participate in problem-solving and continuous improvement efforts.
  • Review and understand permits, site conditions and job hazards prior to starting any work and check that the work to be performed is safe. If work appears unsafe, report to supervisor and do not proceed until conditions are safe.

Our Subsea Engineers are responsible for maintenance and repair of Blowout Preventer (BOP) stack, control and support systems, hydraulic and mechanical components and component interface/support systems. They monitor all rig subsea systems operation, direct troubleshooting and repairs as necessary for operations. They also implement and uphold safety and environmental compliance requirements and work closely with the offshore and marine platforms supervisor, barge engineer, and the rig manager to ensure subsea systems meet operational requirements. The subsea engineers at Mosilo Group have a very diverse service portfolio they offer to clients which include:

• Work with rig management and supervisors for planning operations and evolutions related to subsea systems and subsea system operations, maintenance and repair. • Organize, brief, and directly control assistance team for pulling the BOP stack. • Perform calculations, e.g. fluids, total weights of BOP & riser string before spudding with rig manager, nitrogen pre-charge in accumulator bottles, water depths and its impact on equipment. • Install subsea equipment in a time efficient manner during drilling operations. Install and maintain all components and parts of the subsea BOP stack and lower marine riser package, riser joints, telescopic joint, diverter, tensioners, and other associated equipment. • Maintain and test all drilling or marine related subsea and surface support equipment such as running, retrieving and testing tools, TV camera and any other equipment associated with the stack, surface well, control safety system and/or marine tensing compensating system. • Troubleshoot as necessary, all subsea and surface equipment and recommend corrective action to the rig manager on safest and most efficient means of solving occurred problems. • Maintain the internal and external preservation, including lubrication of all subsea equipment in storage and/or not in use. • Perform measurements of operator provided subsea equipment, prior to running, to ensure compatibility with equipment it may be connected to. Advise the rig manager on any complication that might occur in the usage of the equipment.

The Project Managers at Mosilo Group have in-depth understanding of project management techniques, practices, procedures and requirements with a strong background working in oil & gas, logistics, construction, security, power, and state emergency operations. Upon assignment of project, they develop/refine project specific and client driven goals, schedules, budgets and detailed assumptions along with project goals and success criteria that meets the client needs. They work with clients to:

• Plan, direct, supervise, and control the execution of all functions of the assigned program, project, or sub-task. • Act as the company representative with regards to the customer and selected subcontractors during the program’s execution. • Negotiate changes to the scope of work. • Establish the program requirements for all areas of the program and monitor the draft and final deliverables for adherence to these criteria. • Assign responsibility to executing project plans for key subordinates and assess how to utilize their qualifications and strengths. • Execute and manage Engineering, Procurement and Construction industry projects including administration of the project, schedule and budgetary performance, quality, safety and technical detail. • Carry out presentations prior to contract award, contract negotiations and ongoing project meetings/problem resolution sessions. • Oversee establishment of Work Plan, Health and Safety Plan, Quality Assurance/Quality Control Plan. • Participate in negotiations with regulatory agencies and in public meetings. • Maintain liaison with other engineering and scientific organizations to keep abreast of developments in allied fields or programs and coordinate group activities with those of other engineering groups. • Monitor and report to the management on the progress of all project activity within the program, including significant milestones, and any conditions which would affect project cost or schedule.

The Pipeline Engineers at Mosilo Group are responsible for the engineering, design and construction oversight of oil & gas pipeline projects, including but not limited to new construction (pipeline engineering), maintenance and repairs (pipeline integrity), and in-line inspections. They provide detailed engineering, infrastructure design, design review, construction support, and as-built documentation review under technical direction. Their primary responsibilities to clients include, but not limited to:

• Provide support expertise in scope, design, construction, operation and maintenance of crude oil pipelines and terminals. • Manage assigned projects, including piping and equipment design/sizing/specification, internal engineering services, third party engineers, surveyors, consultants, inspectors, bidding and management of construction, commissioning and turnover. • Support operations to find, justify and implement efficiency across the assets. • Provide technical support to operations on maintenance projects and technical support for changes to equipment (pumps, meters, etc) and piping/storage. • Create, coordinate and manage work plans for significant change in operation and incorporation of new business. • Ensure job books, records, drawings, and documents are created and updated for assigned assets.

Mosilo Group provides the highest level of expertise and technology, combined with superiorly trained Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Inspectors to provide our clients with the reassurance that their tools are ready for service. Our inspectors are responsible for identifying damages in any product, equipment, component, or system before it reaches its limits by using inspection methods established by NDT project specifications and industry standards. They are ASNT and PCN certified. The NDT inspectors work with clients to:

• Ensure correct implementation of project quality plan in any industry. • Perform different types of NDT inspections. • Verify product specifications, troubleshoot and document equipment failure modes. • Calibrate non-destructive equipment. • Complete applicable quality documents. • Identify and report to the quality control manager cases of non-compliance, NDT deficiencies, safe and quality specifications, including the negative inspections.

The Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I) Engineers at Mosilo Group maintain electrical and instrumentation systems for production and process equipment across diverse industry sectors especially oil and gas, power and manufacturing. The E&I engineers support our client’s production team by providing quality maintenance operations to maximize equipment reliability and availability. These operations include but are not restricted to; electrical circuit troubleshooting and repair, drive troubleshooting and repair, instrumentation and control valve calibration, troubleshooting and repair. The E&I engineers will utilize both electrical/electronic skills and knowledge (PLC’s, A/C, D/C motors and drives, schematics) and mechanical skills and knowledge (pneumatics, hydraulics, bearings, power transmission, lubrication, rigging, welding) to achieve equipment uptime metrics. Drawing from many years of practice and industry experience, they can work with clients to:

• Support continuous improvement of preventive maintenance. • Engage in preventive and predictive maintenance activities throughout the facility. • Participate in troubleshooting efforts to respond to equipment failures and/or process deficiencies. • Participate in root cause analysis and execution of corrective actions to minimize recurrence of unplanned shutdowns. • Troubleshoot, repair, and maintain Distributive Control System (DCS) and Programmed Logic Control (PLC) systems, which includes higher levels of automation, improved methods of control, and improved information gathering and reporting. • Interpret blueprints, specifications, diagrams, or schematics to troubleshoot and maintain process control systems. • Complete necessary documentation to ensure control documentation is current, follow all necessary change control procedures, and update (mark up) drawings to reflect process improvements and field changes. • Initiate and complete work-orders and requisitions, and documents all critical and or pertinent information on a routine basis.

The Mechanical Engineers at Mosilo Group are responsible for identifying and rectifying any deficiencies in existing mechanical systems and equipment. With years of experience working across diverse industry sectors, our mechanical team interfaces with multi-disciplinary teams on mechanical design concepts, analytics, manufacturing techniques, materials, processes and detailed tolerance analysis. They are also part of the project team for researching, recommending and implementing new design tools and processes. They work with clients to:

• Identify, develop and deliver innovative and practical solutions in alignment with the product development road map and product requirements. • Design, modify or apply components and systems using engineering methods and techniques to meet specified technical objectives. • Analyze and solve design, application, manufacturing, installation and service problems. • Implement established procedures to achieve defect-free designs or applications. • Develop CAD drawings to meet specific application needs. • Provide design solutions to assigned safety, performance and cost, requiring the use of engineering methods, established procedures and guidelines. • Provide effective task management to accomplish specified technical objectives on time.

Our very experienced team of Civil and Structural Engineers work with the latest technology solutions to plan, design and oversee construction and maintenance of oil & gas, marine and power platforms, building structures and infrastructures. They work with clients to:

• Provide civil/structural engineering consulting services to their onshore and offshore platforms and plant operations, maintenance and technical organizations. • Conduct on-site surveys and structural condition assessments of existing facilities such as deterioration of existing structures, damage assessments & incident investigations. • Provide facilities with risk management activities and work with project managers in meeting safety, environmental and cost objectives. • Provide technical support throughout the development phase of projects from conceptual to final design/execution. • Develop scope of work for conceptual studies, develop technical specifications, assist in contractor selection, and steward contractor’s work throughout project execution. • Participate in the development of company and industry standards. • Provide effective interface with business units, regulatory agencies, and industry organizations.

Mosilo Group is a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries in Nigeria. Our network of API inspectors delivers innovative and bespoke Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification solutions for our clients’ operations across diverse industry sectors. Our API inspectors oversee the day to day inspection schedule and other employees assigned to the facility. They are trained and certified in their respective field by American Petroleum Institute on API 570, 510, 653, 571, 580, 1169. At the direction of the client, our API inspectors:

• Perform visual and non-destructive examination of static and dynamic pressure retaining equipment in accordance with American Petroleum Institute (API) standard 570. • Submit to client technically accurate reports documenting equipment condition. • Provide client with technical recommendations for the repair, re-rate, replacement, and/or alteration of plant equipment, as required for safe operation within stated operating parameters for durations specified. • Provide technical input to client as required for welding and metallurgical issues. • Provide technical guidance on application of non-destructive examination techniques and procedures. • Fully comply with all safe work practices and actively participate in all site safety initiatives.

Our Corrosion and Coating Specialists conduct special studies and analysis in a specialized corrosion control field, such as cathodic protection, water treatment, chemical inhibition or materials selection, and then provide specialized technical corrosion control services and consultation. They are also responsible for observing and reporting the technical aspects of protective coating projects. They are certified to NACE level 2 & 3, FROSIO, BGAS. Our specialists work with clients to:

• Inspect structural steel coatings, observation of containment, disposal of hazardous waste, surface preparation, coating application and familiarity with all applicable industry guidelines. • Provide expert advice and assistance to design, construction, operations and maintenance personnel on matters pertaining to a corrosion control area. • Perform special studies in corrosion control. • Provide evaluation data on capabilities of corrosion control vendors and contractors. • Review operations and monitoring activities associated with corrosion control facilities to identify needed system modifications or changes. • Keep current with significant developments in corrosion control, with emphasis on incumbent’s area of specialty, through technical literature, participation in professional and industry society meetings, etc. • Develop and review corrosion damage mechanism for all plant units. Also, optimize the required and proper type of NDT inspection. • Investigate corrosion related failure, identify the root causes and develop the required actions that prevent reoccurrence. • Conduct in-house technical training for inspection personnel for inspection requirement awareness. • Deploy the inspection & corrosion state of art technologies that could enhance our inspection activities and accuracy. • Develop the Corrosion Control Documents (CCDs) Operating Units. • Collaborate with process engineering to enhance plant chemical treatment that may have integrity impact on our assets.

The HSE Specialists at Mosilo Group are responsible for administering our client’s company’s safety programs, along with implementing training initiatives in order to provide a healthy, safe, and environmentally responsible (HSE) workplace. They will oversee programs to assure compliance with corporate HSE programs, as well as relevant safety and environmental regulatory agencies. Our specialists are also required to inspect and/or test parts, processes, operations, materials, structures and equipment to ensure conformance with quality standards. They undergo regular training with the Nigerian Institute of Safety Professionals. Our HSE Specialists work with clients to:

• Analyze and evaluate workplace environments, equipment, health, safety, and environmental programs, policies, and practices to ensure they meet all local, state, and national regulatory requirements. • Recommend measures to help protect workers from potentially hazardous work methods, processes or materials. • Implement and maintain all HSE programs and policies to minimize/eliminate safety risks and occupational hazards associated with work practices. • Establish and maintain records for occupational and environmental health and safety, including documentation on training and certifications. • Perform periodic safety inspections and compliance audits. • Assess HSE training needs and ensure all employees receive necessary and required training; coordinate and/or administer training. • Investigate accidents, incidents, and near misses to determine the cause and recommend changes to work practices, equipment, and work areas to eliminate future safety risks. • Work with outside organizations and regulatory agencies to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements. • Prepare safety and compliance reports as required by management and outside organizations. • Utilize and abide by ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System and Safety procedures.

The Communications Specialists at Mosilo Group have the responsibility of supporting the internal and external communication functions of our clients within the industries we serve. They work to increase employee effectiveness, engagement and understanding of their corporate strategies, culture and values by delivering compelling communications through a variety of channels. They are accountable for planning, implementing and overseeing tactical coordination and execution for external and internal outreach/engagement, including collateral, media relations and website content development. Our communication specialists are well experienced and work with clients to:

• Deliver messages in a thoughtful, polished tone that matches the voice and values of Mosilo Group. • Serve as an editor for internal communications, developing editorial plans and ensuring an appropriate mix of content to highlight company strategies, culture, values and news. • Proofread communications materials and suggest content revisions to ensure information is accurate and complete. • Plan, coordinate and provide support for employee events at our administrative office. • Support our clients’ employee engagement initiatives. • Ensure internal customer service is delivered within best industry practices. • Proactively seek new opportunities to tell their story as well as explore emerging print, online and digital media to identify, plan and implement strategies to generate awareness, understanding and preference. • Cultivate relationships with journalists, bloggers, influencers and other relevant stakeholders. • Develop and implement specific communications and media plans that are consistent with the organization’s strategic objectives and have defined performance measurements, in conjunction with service area leadership. • Regularly interface with community representatives, staff, partners and industry stakeholders, to foster open lines of communication and advocate on their behalf.

The Project Document Controllers are part of Mosilo Group project execution team. They provide strategic support for project management, engineering, procurement, and construction teams to ensure successful execution of capital projects across oil and gas, manufacturing, marine, power and logistics business sectors. Our document controllers provide accurate and timely document processing of all project documents which include, but not limited to, paper and electronic document management system, tracking responses, reporting progress, and communicating with internal project team members and external clients, vendors, and contractors. They work with clients to:

• Control inflow and outflow of project specific documentation on the project home site. • Scan the project mailbox regularly to verify that all documents sent and received are uploaded to Sharepoint. • Issue and track correspondence. • Send transmittals to external parties on behalf of the project team. • Periodically audit the project Sharepoint sites. • Attend project meetings at the Project Manager’s request to record minutes of meetings or action item list. • Support the project team in project execution.

We have an experienced scaffold installation service team. We have certified, competent scaffold erectors who coordinate with our customers and our scaffolding design team to provide you access to your work levels as quickly as possible. You can be assured that our team will meet and exceed all standards. Whether you are planning new construction, restoration, demolition, industrial plant maintenance, high rise window washing or preventative maintenance, allow one of our expert installation teams to erect your scaffolding and other access equipment.

Our design and draft team now use an AutoCAD program called iScaf. iScaf is a comprehensive scaffold design computer software package that draws any modular scaffold around walls, buildings, and tanks to produce a detailed drawing and material list. iScaf dramatically reduces the time for estimating and quoting and helps us produce professional, detailed drawings. At Mosilo Group, we want our customers to have firstclass, state-of-the-art designs along with 3-D visuals.

Maintaining a safe worksite is top priority. This is why we offer a wide variety of reliable, scaffolding and site equipment products and services, including engineered services that provide fall protection for your valued employees. We seek to give customers fall protection solutions through design, supply and installation of a variety of fall protection systems ultimately making your site a safer place to work.

At Mosilo Gorup, you will find very experienced Crane Operators ready to work with you on your next project. They operate traveling or stationary overhead crane to lift, move and position loads, such as machinery, equipment, products, and solid or bulk materials. Our crane operators are professionally certified and trained to:

• Operate the crane to lift, move and position machinery, equipment, products or other large objects. • Use proper hoisting attachments and observe the load before movement occurs to ensure that it is secure. • Compare load weight with the capacity of the crane in order to prevent over loading. • Perform a pre-inspection: check oil, grease machine, check water, check air in tires and check fuel on any equipment operated. • Assist in the maintenance and routine housekeeping of the work area and equipment being used to ensure a safe working environment. • Safely manipulate crane controls including pedals, levers and buttons to regulate speed and direct crane to appropriate destination while effectively communicating with everyone via written, oral and/or signaled instructions. • Attach load to hook or other crane accessory prior to operating crane. • Perform other duties as assigned by the foreman/supervisor/superintendent.

Our operators are duly certified and possess fluent knowledge of crane signals. They are well experienced in diverse industry sectors including construction, oil and gas, manufacturing, marine, shipping and logistics etc.

Our inventory controllers or store keepers manage inventories in specified storerooms. This includes managing inventories to financial targets, maintaining inventory accuracy, and providing adequate supply levels to meet customer needs. Tasks include transaction processing, file and table maintenance, ordering to replenish supply levels, advanced reporting and analysis, cycle counting, and providing support to other project teams. They are well trained in the use of inventory management software such as SAP. The inventory controllers at Mosilo Group work with clients to:

• Receive incoming materials and equipment and inspect/verify the accuracy and the condition of the items before signing for the delivery. • Ensure efficient and accurate record-keeping systems to verify receipt, storage and distribution of supplies and equipment. • Prepare, distribute and transport supplies and equipment for safe and appropriate distribution to facilities as required. • Provide for the timely distribution of all supplies and equipment in response to issue requisitions, customer requests, defined replenishment schedules and purchase orders. • Warehouse and maintain inventory levels and perform issues and credits for supplies and equipment as necessary. • Ensure proper preparation, packaging, initiation of return, and any required follow-up of returned material to vendors as instructed by appropriate documentation. • Maintain security, orderliness, and cleanliness in all working areas while providing for the continual checking, rotation and removal of outdated and/or damaged materials.