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Our workforce comprises of well-trained professionals with vast experience in the market sectors we serve. We deploy modern techniques and innovative methods in every project execution from the commencement stages to completion and commissioning. We ensure that standard safety procedures and guidelines are strictly adhered to in our operations.

Quality management is at the center of all our operation. At Mosilo Group, quality management is much more than product or service quality, but about how to achieve quality, maintain and improve it.

Mosilo Group provides a complete range of project management services in oil & gas, renewable energy, real estate and agricultural projects. From initial concepts and ideas to completion, we work to deliver on our client’s strategic objectives. We undertake complex projects that combine facets of advanced engineering, technology and sustainability.

For us, the delivery of high quality projects on time and within budget is a baseline. We surpasses this baseline by applying current thinking, methods and expertise to deliver tailored strategies that result in progressive solutions. Our project managers has vast experience in design, engineering, compliance, risk management, change control, cost management, schedule administration and delivery of value for money.

The fundamental rethinking and redesign of the business processes and operations to achieve dramatic improvements is critical to the productivity of any enterprise. We work with companies to maintain profitability and a competitive advantage in a challenging and uncertain marketplace through strategic business process improvement.

Mosilo Group offers superior solutions for critical business needs such as cost optimization, shared services, working capital management, globalization and outsourcing, IT strategy, supply chain consulting, and many more – which have led to more efficient and effective operations, with an improved bottom line and balance sheet.

Managing efficient supply chain could be a complex process involving the coordination of multiple stakeholders and functions, often with competing interests and activities. At Mosilo Group, we develop and deploy Strategic Sourcing and Procurement solutions that integrates business, people, technology and operations. Our goal is to ensure the lowest comparative production cost at consistent quality, delivering great value to our clients.

With strong backgrounds in engineering and process improvement, we supply high quality equipment, materials and products to businesses and organizations within the market sectors we serve. Quality control procedures are implemented at every stage of our procurement process to achieve the optimum standardization.

Human resources are vital to any enterprise success. Mosilo Group delivers high-impact capacity building services across the market sectors we serve. We combine deep domain knowledge with real-world perspectives structured to ensure your teams have the strategic capabilities they need to outperform.

Our capacity development services are tailored to focus on your strategic priorities and provide an interactive, hands-on experience. From single content modules to longer programs, we create training that meets our client’s top challenges, covering a wide range of technical and soft skills.